Supported tools chains and hardware

October 24, 2017

Microchip Technology MPLABX, ASM
Programming of Microchip custom devices
Registered Apple developer, digital signing for the Apple store
Redpine Signals
ME labs PicBasic Pro
Altium Designer
Eagle CAD

Services for electronics engineering

October 24, 2017

Electronic prototyping
Schematic Entry
Printed Circuit Board Design
Basic code and testing for Xcode IOS & Eclipse Android SDK
Analog & Digital simulation for design verification
Design of analog and digital circuits, sourcing best components
Soldering and construction electronic prototypes
Testing & data logging of performance battery packs
Payload design for remotely controlled vehicles
Technical writer, sales & documentation
Microchip Technology design partner
Redpine Signals design partner, WiFi engineering
World wide product approvals

Delivered innovative product solutions

October 24, 2017

We have Delivered innovative product solutions and services for companies capitalizing on existing production that requires a competitive leap forward. After doing some great work for customers we are designing our own products.
All of our designs can be customised and we can provide a 3D printing service to assist our clients getting original products to market faster.
Our our LED drivers and semiconductors are unique and are already in high volume production. With slight changes we can bring to life a touch that is just for your application.

We also provide sales and design services.